Aimee: Defined

Aimee Belcher


  1. Follower of one, daughter of two, sister of two, friend of many.
  2. Lover of Jesus, words, puzzles, hugs, music, eyeshadow, books, texting, Chipotle, Auburn, nail polish, slipper boots, design, hand holding, creativity, road trips, technology, summer, drums, Dr. Pepper, hammocks and Moleskin.
  3. Trained designer, avid reader, hopeful writer, deep thinker, professional hugger.

As defined by her peers:

"A clever story-teller. A young woman who understands that true Christians are more easily recognized OUTSIDE of church." -Judy Stone

"Aimee Belcher is a one of a kind friend that will leave you wanting more. Her kind heart and witty remarks pair nicely with her loving nature and unparalleled hugs. What you find in Aimee, you won't find in others." –Jacquline Popper

"She is the mirror to my creative soul" -E. Belcher

"She is who I live my life vicariously through - 24 years younger than me... on the 24th! A true kindred spirit, with a bright heart and a mature soul!" -Mary Miller

"Aimee Belcher in synonyms: 1. Christ lover. 2. infectious laugher. 3. soul-warming hugger. 4. hot chocolate connoisseur. 5. sweet friend forever." -Sarah Sebesta

"Fun and funny, but not funny looking." -Travis Belcher

"Aimee Belcher's unconditional love and way with words leaves me awestruck and fumbling to find my own. A true friend and inspiration." -Alexis Bridges