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  • Mission: Get Harry-ed

    You may (or may not) know that in 5 (five!!!) short days I'll be hopping the pond with my girls Alex and Courtney for our first (of presumably many) trip as a traveling trio. We are going to act royal in and around London, eat bread and macaroons all over Paris, and sling back beers with the best of them in Munich. The word "excited" doesn't seem to convey the proper emotions, nor do "amped," "psyched," or "stoked." "Jazzed" comes close, though.

    As if taking in the sights, sounds and smells (hello, fresh baguettes!) won't be enough, I'm heading out on this trip with a whole other agenda. It's time to get Harry-ed. 

    The fates and stars and everything else that can align have, and it seems that Prince Harry, Harry Styles, and (presumably) plenty of other accent-laden Harrys have all returned to the motherland, most likely in wake of the news that we are coming. (Duh.) So, I've decided that at the ripe age of 26 I am going to snag myself a well-dressed, well-bred lad to bring home to Butch and Ellen. And, if all goes according to plan, so will Courtney and Alex. 


    I really think this one goes without saying. It's high time that every woman in my life has the opportunity to be fitted for a fancy hat (lookin' at you, Sisk) and swept away in an exotic (read: expensive) car or horse-drawn chariot to meet me at the chapel. I've always imagined myself in a wedding gown with sleeves, so basically I'm a shoe in.  Plus, I doubt I'm alone in saying that Pippa needs some competition when it comes to the Best Aunt award. All good things ought to be earned, not given, and I'm willing to sacrifice myself to a life wed to a royal to teach that lesson to Prince George and Princess Charlotte. 


    What? I'm willing to be a cougar. While no lady is blind to those luscious locks (this wouldn't be the first time I've mentioned that a full head of thick hair is a mega #husbandgoal), I see more than just a pretty face and catalog of Taylor Swift songs. Musical (check!), beautiful (check!), British (check!), and stylish (check!). As if all of that weren't enough, I recently saw this article about how he lovingly corrected a fan's poster when she incorrectly used "your" rather than "you're," and if that doesn't scream "Aimee's soulmate" then I don't know what will! We could bring the world proper grammar, one 1D concert at a time. (If they're even a band anymore... I can't keep up!)


    Let's all be honest with ourselves: the phrase "every Tom, Dick and Harry" doesn't exist without cause! I fully anticipate meeting many a men named Harry beginning the very moment I step into that fresh London air, and they'll all be considered a candidate for Aimee's heart. (You can't always be picky, ya know?) My only request is that he be either a. British or b. well traveled. (AKA everyone, because if they're not local then they're on a trip.) [Sidebar: I'm not ruling out Toms, but Dicks may be a stretch for me. Though I love to be surprised, so show me what you're made of, Richards!]

    So there you have it. I think I stand with the Blues Brothers when I say that I'm on a mission from God. It's no coincidence that Harry rhymes so well with marry, amiright?! Plus, I already checked and #AimeeGetsHarryed is totally free for my future use. First stop Heathrow, next stop wedded bliss! 

    ***We will also be doing the Harry Potter tour while in town, and I would like to make it know that for all intents and purposes Daniel Radcliffe can and will be considered a Harry if push comes to shove.