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  • Passion

    I like to think that I’m a passionate person. I’m a little bit passionate about a lot of things. I’m passionate about Jesus, about people, about design, about writing, about music, about marketing, about reading, about my puppy, about peanut butter, about outlet malls… okay, you get the idea. But I’ve never known any sort of overwhelming passion, the kind that pushes me, that I want to chase after with my whole heart. 

    It reminds me of a verse. I had this written out on a sticky note, attached to my computer at my last job – “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.” Colossians 3:23 I’ve never known that feeling, to work at something with all of my heart. I’m selfish with my heart. I like to keep it for myself, and only give partial bits to lots of things. It’s definitely a flaw.

    But it’s not a flaw you’ll find in my friend Hunter. You see, Hunter plays the drums. Plays might not even be a good enough word… he dominates a drum set. He once joked that I use more words than he makes hits on a drum, which, let’s be honest, is probably true. I’m prolific. But it would be a close race. He is really, really good at drumming, easily the best I know. (I’m not some sort of drumming aficionado, much to my dismay, but I’ve been told he is remarkable, past what my untrained eyes can surmise.)

    Raw talent doesn’t make a man, though. We’ve seen that adage play out plenty of times (coughJohnnyManzielcough) and known it to be true. Success takes someone who is willing to chase after something, to work at it with their whole heart. Hunter does that. His day job(s) are teaching percussion and drum lessons at a local music shop and the high school. But "after hours"? He played drum set for the high school show choir last season. He helped with the high school drumline last fall. He’s in a (really good) band called the Bama Gamblers who travel to play gigs around the southeast more weekends than not. And when he doesn’t have a gig with the Bama Gamblers, chances are he picked up a gig with some other local musician. 

    As you may have guessed a. he’s pretty hard to hang out with cause he’s #busy and b. he’s seriously dedicated to his craft. He’s taking every opportunity he can to play, because he loves it. Because he’s passionate about it. And because he's working at it with his whole heart. Really - the man loves few things other than drumming, his family and Dr. Pepper. 

    He simply lives out his passion with every ounce of drive, creativity and determination in his body, and I find that so inspiring. I crave to love something like that, to hone my skills in that way. And I truly believe, just by knowing Hunter and watching him hustle over the last year, I’ve developed a little more passion and begun to see my work in a little bit of a different light. It makes me want to come home and do that freelance job. Or write that blog. Or develop that crazy idea into something tangible. 

    So thanks, Hunter - for showing me what it looks like to really and truly work at something with your whole, entire heart.