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  • Kick-starting a Commitment

    I'm a pretty firm believer in the fact that some of the best things in life are birthed out of midnight giggle sessions on the couch. This story is no different. 

    A couple of months ago Abby, Rachel and I were sitting on the couch looking at Kickstarter video after Kickstarter video. This may seem a little strange to you, but have you ever done it? Those videos speak to my soul! It's so inspiring to hear people talk about their ideas and dreams and see them putting them into action and going out on a limb, hoping that someone will share their passion and excitement for their product. It's exhilirating! I just want to give and give and give my money to these people to fund their dreams! (If you don't know what Kickstarter is, you're probably giving me [by way of this blog post] a really strange look, so feel free to aquaint yourself.) Anyway, back to the point. So during our Kickstarter binge we stumbled upon a Kickstarter for Committed's second album (insert fangirl scream here). If you don't recall, or aren't much of a TV watcher, Committed won season two of The Sing-Off — and you are so welcome for that link to their YouTube page. I'm sure that'll keep you occupied for a while! So we went to their Kickstarter and clicked on the video and...... well, that was about it. There wasn't much to it. Where were the heart-melting smiles? The soul-stirring harmonies? The squeal-inciting choreographed dance moves? We were left wanting more of the six boys who we fell in love with a few Christmas breaks ago. 

    So we had this hair-brained idea. The three of us often lean to the bold and ridiculous side of the scale, so you may not be surprised by what we did next. We messaged them, duh. I mean, what were we supposed to do? Here we were, four girls (Sam was snoozing) who loved their music and had a knack for photography and videography (okay, so maybe only one of us has a knack for videography, but every girl needs her team, amiright?) and there they were, six boys who needed us four girls (or so we had decided). We told them (in the most loving of ways) that we thought their video could use a little work and, since we didn't have the financial means to contribute to their Kickstarter, we wanted to make them a new video and to hit us up if they were interested. (We also fully hoped to become best friends with them.) And wouldn't you know that at work the next day I got a message in my email from Lance at Tin Box Management saying that they had looked at Abby's work and were impressed and wanted to talk about what we had in mind for their video. 

    One phone call, a couple of emails and a few weeks later and we were in Rachel's trusty 4Runner on our way to Florence, AL for our first ever gig as Rockaway (awe-inspiring video, photo and design work to come). We got to the venue and had the privelidge of meeting the guys (in waves, as there were some transportation issues... you know you've made it when you have transportation issues! Or when you win an NBC televised contest... whichever.), watching their soundcheck, eating the catered food for the VIP and watching an absolutely breath-taking show. Can you say talent? I can: it sounds a lot like "Committed." I think my favorite part of the day was during our interview with Therry (the precious one that you may remember Nicole Scherzinger loving during their rendition of the Backstreet Boys' "I Want it That Way"). He was talking about their vision for the new album and about one song they've written, in particular, about having a bad day but how it's okay because at the end of the day it's over and tomorrow is totally new and untainted with all of the potential in the world to be good. It was my favorite part of the day because he was speaking my language: you may remember me getting a tattoo last year on my 23rd birthday that says Fresh Manna and means, essentially, just what he was talking about. Like... Therry gets me. 

    Basically this blog post is written with two purposes in mind: to make you insanely jealous that my roommates and I are on the path to becoming BFF with potentially the best a capella group out there and to encourage you to act on a whim: sending a midnight e-mail to a group of recording artists might seem like the most bizarre action, but you just never know where it might take you!