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  • Grace

    I woke up this morning wishing that I had a twin-sized bed. I don’t think I’ve wished for a twin sized bed since… well, ever. But here’s the thing. About six months ago I got a puppy - Glen Coco. Admittedly, she is the cutest, sweetest little gal on the planet. However, she, like all dogs, has her moments where she is an absolute terror. Most of these moments involve her stealing some article of my clothing (she prefers smaller things like socks, bras, undies and shoes, as they are more proportional to her size) and immediately running under the bed with it. The queen-sized bed. That is pushed up against the wall. 7 times out of 10 I have to move the whole dang bed to retrieve my stolen socks or running shoes. Thus, the wishing for a twin bed. 

    It’s a lesson in grace. A big, huge, constant lesson. Let me just say that I admire you, parents. I don’t know how you do it, but I can only hope that GC is preparing me for if I one day become a momma of human children. 

    I think the most surprising thing is not only how much grace I have to exercise with her (“why would you eat that toilet paper?” “seriously?! stop digging in your bed!” “oh my gosh, you have a million toys, leave my shoes alone!”) but also how much grace I’ve had to dump on myself. More often than not when she has an accident, it’s my fault. She’ll poop in the apartment and my immediate thought is “well, I had to drag her back inside against her will, but she had been out there for 15 minutes and hadn’t made a move yet!” I don’t always pay close enough attention to if she’s by the door, or I’ll get caught up in cooking dinner and not notice when she’s sniffing around. 

    The most difficult times are when she is outright defiant. I catch her chewing on the furniture or digging in my bed and I give her a firm “NO” or “YOU BETTER NOT!” while maintaining eye contact only to have her immediately continue on with the same behavior. But you know what? These are the moments that I most appreciate God. 

    How infuriating must it be for Him to sit on His throne and watch me, time and again, flat out ignore his instruction. I’m not proud of it, but I can’t tell you the number of times I feel God leading me in one direction, but blatantly walk the other way, thinking I might know best, or that it won’t end that badly. But you know what? I don’t know best. And it will end badly. 

    So, that’s how my dog is teaching me about grace, as silly as that may sound! The best part is, she’s constantly being disobedient and frustrating the snot out of me, but I love the mess out of her and would not trade her for the world! How lucky are we to serve a God who views us in that same manner?!