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    I think that faith is one of those buzzwords in Christianity. Everyone has faith. I mean, we believe in Jesus, don’t we? All it takes is a mustard seed, after all. And I don’t doubt that. I don’t think that any shred of faith is too small to save your life. But I’m learning, more and more as I get older, that there are certainly different amounts of faith to be had. And, to be frank, some people just excel at being faithful. My friend Danielle is one of those people. 

    Dani D. (as I like to call her) rolled into my life about two years ago. She was this energy-filled ball of laughter who was willing to be anything we needed her to be in the workplace, and we all know how rare that is. Joy is her default emotion, and she radiates it. (Can I get an amen from all members of her fan club?!)

    I’ve learned a lot of things from Danielle, which is sort of funny because she’s 6 years my junior and I was kind-of, sort-of her manager at work… but, hey: wisdom knows no age limits or hierarchy. Far-and-away the biggest thing I’ve learned from her is that MAN I have little faith. You know, like in Matthew 8:26 when Jesus straight up calls out the disciples by saying, “You of little faith, why are you so afraid?” I mean, I feel you, Jesus. I hate to be woken up from my slumber, too, especially for something totally insignificant like a storm potentially drowning my boat. I get it. Danielle is that for me. She would never actually come out and say “you of little faith” — possibly because I would have some comeback about how 50% of the sentences she types don’t even qualify as English, but also because she’s not that kind of friend. 

    But this whole thing is about people who teach through their actions anyway, amiright? 

    Let me digress and say this: I consider myself to have a healthy dose of faith. I’m not easily stressed by the things of this world because I fully understand that God has a plan, and I trust in that. But, as strange as this might sound, I think I only have faith for the big things. I believe our God is a big God, and I know He can move mountains and raise people from the dead. And it’s not that I don’t have the everyday life kind of faith, but… well, maybe I don’t. 

    Allow me to explain. I get headaches, bad ones, pretty often. If you know me, you know this. I carry around Excedrine Migraine in my purse, always. Or… almost always. One day I was at work and had a killer headache. (I guess I didn’t have the pills in my pocketbook that day.) So I’m sitting there, fingers digging into temples, all out irritated and torn between gouging my eyes out and running away to vomit (no one ever said I’m not dramatic) when Danielle rolls over to my desk. (Literally - she rolled her desk chair right over.) She looked at me, as if I were the most dense being on planet Earth, and said “why don’t you just ask Jesus to take that mess away?” 

    … CAN HE DO THAT?! If I pray and trust, will God just *bam* dissolve this headache of mine into thin air? It was a concept I had never even considered. Again - not that I don’t have faith, but doesn’t He have more pressing matters to deal with? 

    He doesn’t. Danielle taught me that. The cool thing about God, about this colossal powerhouse, is that YOU are His most important relationship. Your needs are above all else. Your problems are His biggest concern. And yet, somehow, miraculously - so are mine. And so are Danielle’s. He doesn’t have to prioritize because EVERYONE is number one in His book. 

    I think I’ll just drop the mic right there. I’m not going to overshare on that point, but I hope you all know it’s the truth. You’re number one, baby. Better believe it. Have FAITH.

    [Editor's note: Danielle is using that big faith of hers to take a leap and move to Peru this fall to persue life as a missionary with an organization that has captured her heart. If you've been looking for a way to give back, consider supporting my girl! Find out more by clicking here.]